What being fit actually means.

Some people actually love the idea of “looking fit” but they won’t actually do anything to look that way… Well, some would say “no way, that’s not for me”, “no I can’t do that” or some would say “I don’t like the way that person looks, they are too “muscular”(which doesn’t actually make any sense).

The truth is being fit does not actually mean looking like “The Rock”. I mean we all know that not everyone who starts a diet and does some sit-ups end up having chiseled abs after 4weeks!. That’s the reality, some will have to do some “extra work” so to say.

What’s really true is… First you don’t actually have to have 6 chiseled abs to be fit, I mean it’s cool and all, and sometimes “attractive”, but no it doesn’t really matter a fit person is a person who has control over their body and mind. (And no am not talking about flexibility. lol). Fitness is not only about the looks, it’s a therapy, it’s inspiring and much more.

Control your body, eat what you actually need not what you want, Go to the gym, take a walk, do some jogging. Sleep for up to 8 hrs cos you actually need it.

I hope you find this helpful. Thanks

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